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Enviromatch Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions. Our company is committed to helping communities and businesses worldwide access safe, clean, and reliable water.

With years of experience in the industry and a team of highly skilled professionals, Enviromatch Inc. has earned a reputation for delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly water treatment systems that meet the unique needs of our clients. To learn more about Enviromatch Inc., visit our About Us page. 

You can reach us at +1 (949) 340-2715 or through WhatsApp at +1 (949) 690-8500. You can also send us an email at for sales inquiries or for support inquiries.

A water treatment system is a device or set of devices that remove impurities, chemicals, and other contaminants from water. The specific type of system and technology used will depend on the quality of the water and the contaminants that need to be removed. The most common types of water treatment systems are reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, carbon filters, and ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers.

Enviromatch Inc. offers a wide range of water treatment systems designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our solutions include reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and other cutting-edge technologies that can remove impurities, harmful chemicals, and other contaminants from water to make it safe and potable.

We also offer custom-designed water treatment systems that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any application. To learn more about the types of water treatment systems we offer, please visit Our Systems page.

Yes, we offer a wide range of components and parts for water treatment systems, including pumps, valves, membranes, filters, and other critical components. Our high-quality parts and components are designed to ensure that your water treatment system operates efficiently and effectively, providing you with safe and clean water at all times.

We also offer a range of spare parts, repair services, and technical support to help you maintain your water treatment system’s performance and extend its lifespan. To learn more about the components and parts we offer, please visit Our Shop page for different parts and components.

By installing a water treatment system, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved taste and odor of water: A water treatment system can remove unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine, sulfur, and other chemicals.
  • Healthier water: A water treatment system can remove harmful contaminants such as lead, pesticides, and bacteria.
  • Cost savings: By reducing the need to purchase bottled water, you can save money in the long run.
  • Environmental benefits: By reducing your reliance on bottled water, you can help to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.

When selecting a water treatment system, it’s important to consider factors such as the quality of your water, the specific contaminants you want to remove, and your budget. Some additional factors to consider include the size of the system, the maintenance requirements, and the energy efficiency of the system.

Choosing the right water treatment system depends on many factors, including the quality of your water, your budget, and your specific needs.

At Enviromatch Inc., our experienced professionals can help you assess your needs and recommend the best system for your home or business case. To get professional help, please visit our Get a free Quotation page or send us your inquiry through our Contact Us page.

To report a technical issue, please use the form on our Contact Us page and select the “Customer Support” option from the drop-down menu. Our customer support team will assist you as soon as possible.

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