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UV Water Sterilizer Systems

UV water sterilizers are commonly used in conjunction with other water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis and filtration to ensure that the water is both clean and safe to drink.

At Enviromatch Inc., we offer a range of high-quality UV water sterilizers from trusted brands to suit various water treatment needs. Our products are designed to meet strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that you receive reliable and effective water disinfection solutions.

UV Water Sterilizer
UV Water Sterilizer by Enviromatch Inc.
Lightmatch 100-Series UV Water Sterilizer


Ozone: 1 gm/h @60 SCFH to 30 gm/h @15 SCFH

Lightmatch 100-Series UV sterilizers are made of high-quality electro-polished stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. With a pressure rating of 100 psi, this series effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms, providing clean and safe water for your needs.

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Lightmatch 200-Series UV Water Sterilizer


Ozone: 1 gm/h @60 SCFH to 30 gm/h @15 SCFH

Lightmatch 200-Series UV sterilizers are designed to provide safe and effective water treatment. Constructed of electro-polished stainless steel, these systems are rated for 100 psi pressure and can remove harmful microorganisms. The system uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water, making it safe for drinking and other uses.

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Lightmatch 300-Series UV Water Sterilizer


Ozone: 1 gm/h @60 SCFH to 30 gm/h @15 SCFH

Lightmatch 300-Series UV sterilizer systems are made of electro-polished stainless steel and rated for 100 psi pressure. These sterilizers use ultraviolet light to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in water, ensuring safe and clean water for various applications.

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