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Design and Supply of a 30 m3/day Reverse Osmosis System by Enviromatch in Saudi Arabia


Enviromatch, a leading provider of water treatment solutions, has designed and supplied a state-of-the-art 30 m3/day Reverse Osmosis (RO) System in Saudi Arabia. This innovative system is capable of producing high-quality water for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Efficient and Effective RO System

The Enviromatch RO system is designed to meet the demanding water treatment requirements of Saudi Arabia. The system comprises a Feed Pumps skid, FRP membrane housings, SS throttle valves, conductivity monitor, permeate/reject/recycle flow meters, SS pressure gauges, SS low/high-pressure switches, pretreatment lockout, and microprocessor control panel.

The high-quality components of the RO system work in synergy to deliver efficient and effective water treatment. The Feed Pumps skid ensures that the water is pumped through the system at the right pressure, while the FRP membrane housings and SS throttle valves facilitate the effective filtration of impurities. The conductivity monitor ensures that the water meets the required purity levels, while the permeate/reject/recycle flow meters, SS pressure gauges, and SS low/high-pressure switches keep track of the water flow and pressure levels.

Additionally, the pretreatment lockout feature protects the system from damage caused by fluctuations in water quality, while the microprocessor control panel enables the user to monitor and control the entire RO system with ease.

Reverse Osmosis System by Enviromatch
Reverse Osmosis System Control Panel by Enviromatch

Impressive Features of Enviromatch’s RO System

Enviromatch’s RO system offers an impressive range of features that make it stand out from other water treatment systems. Some of these features include:

  1. High-Quality Components: The RO system is made up of top-quality components that are designed to last and deliver optimal performance.
  2. Efficient Water Treatment: The RO system ensures efficient and effective water treatment, delivering clean and pure water that meets the required purity levels.
  3. Easy to Monitor and Control: The microprocessor control panel allows for easy monitoring and control of the RO system, ensuring that the user can easily detect any issues and take corrective action.
Reverse Osmosis System by Enviromatch
Reverse Osmosis System by Enviromatch


Enviromatch’s 30 m3/day Reverse Osmosis System is an innovative and efficient water treatment solution that meets the demanding water treatment needs of Saudi Arabia. With its high-quality components, efficient water treatment, and user-friendly features, this RO system is a reliable and effective choice for industrial and commercial applications. Trust Enviromatch to provide you with the best water treatment solutions that meet your specific needs.


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