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Design and Supply of a 720 m3/day Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System in the Philippines


Are you in need of a reliable and efficient solution for treating brackish water? Enviromatch has designed and supplied a top-of-the-line brackish water reverse osmosis system in the Philippines that can deliver up to 720 m3/day of high-quality, potable water.

Skid-Mounted Brackish Water RO System

The heart of the system is a skid-mounted brackish water reverse osmosis unit that utilizes advanced membrane technology to remove impurities and contaminants from the feed water. This results in a highly purified product water that is safe for drinking and other uses.

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System
Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System

Pre-Chlorination Feed System

The system also includes a pre-chlorination feed system that ensures the feed water is disinfected before entering the reverse osmosis unit. This helps prevent biofouling and other issues that can negatively impact system performance and longevity.

Clean-In-Place System

Enviromatch’s brackish water reverse osmosis system also comes equipped with a clean-in-place system that utilizes PLC control. This allows for efficient and automated cleaning of the system to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Skid-Mounted Filter Feed Pumps Unit

To ensure reliable and consistent operation, the system includes a skid-mounted filter feed pumps unit that delivers the feed water to the reverse osmosis unit. This helps maintain the required pressure and flow rate to achieve optimal system performance.


In summary, Enviromatch’s 720 m3/day brackish water reverse osmosis system is a top-of-the-line solution for treating brackish water in the Philippines. With advanced membrane technology, a pre-chlorination feed system, a clean-in-place system, and a skid-mounted filter feed pump unit, this system is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance while ensuring high-quality, potable water. Contact Enviromatch today to learn more about how we can help meet your brackish water treatment needs.

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