LG BW 2521 ES BWRO Membranes

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LG BW 2521 ES BWRO membrane is part of the NanoH20™ product line and is designed for use in municipal and industrial applications. These membranes feature Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, which provides superior filtration and anti-fouling properties, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

These membranes have been tested in major utilities around the world and have proven to be highly effective and suitable for a wide range of applications where high-quality water filtration is required.

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Product details

Active Membrane Area 9 ft² (0.9 m²)
Permeate Flow Rate 345 gpd (1.3 m³/d)
Stabilized Salt Rejection 99.6%
Minimum Salt Rejection 99.3%


Max. Operating Pressure 600 psi (41 bar)
Max. Chlorine Concentration <0.1 ppm
Max. Operating Temperature 45°C (113°F)
pH Range, Continuous (Cleaning) 2-11 (2-12)
Max. Feedwater Turbidity 1.0 NTU
Max. Feedwater SDI (15 minutes) 5.0
Max. Feed Flow 16 gpm (3.6 m³/h)
Max. Pressure Drop for Each Element 15 psi (1.0 bar)


  • All membranes are incorporated with innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, reducing the cost of desalination while delivering superior water quality
  • LG membranes have proven their quality, the brand has a good reputation
  • LG offers a complete brackish water range
  • Q+ Intuitively designed projection software

Typical applications

  • Process water
  • Municipal industrial
  • Commercial applications

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