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RightMatch 100

The RightMatch 100-Series chemical dosing systems offer a wide range of capacities to meet various chemical treatment applications.

With a wide range of capacities, we can meet the needs of various chemical treatment applications. RightMatch 100 is designed to be reliable and efficient, ensuring that you get the most out of your chemical treatments.

Trust us to provide you with the right solution for your specific needs.

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Rightmatch 100

Standard features

chemical systems pump feature

Fully adjustable output capacity, 6 – 120 gpd

Manual function control for stroke rate and stroke length

A highly reliable timing circuit

EMI resistant

Thermally protected solenoid with auto-reset

Bleed valve assembly

Corrosion-resistant plastic PVC head/fittings and polyethylene tank components for a wide range of resistance to such chemicals as mild acid, chlorine, and caustic solutions

standard chemical systems

Chemical metering pump

Polyethylene tank with cover

Available options

230V/50 or 60Hz

Epoxy-coated stainless steel mixer

pH controller

ORP controller

Stand-by pump

Skid mounted unit

Custom built unit

Pump maintenance spare kit

Level switch

Local control panel

Operating and performance specifications

ModelOut. Capacity (GPD)Out. Capacity (LPD)Max. (PSI)Tanks size (GAL)Input Peak (Watts)Input Peak (Ave.)

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