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At Enviromatch, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality industrial water deionization equipment, including our XMatch 300-Series mixed bed deionizers (MBDI).

Our deionization systems are designed to effectively and efficiently remove dissolved salts and minerals, producing high-purity water for commercial and industrial applications. With a complete line of deionization systems, we are committed to meeting the specific water quality requirements of our clients.

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Standard features

Automatic mixed-bed “Package” deionizers are available in sizes from 10-100 GPM, and at rated exchange capacities of 43,000 to 403,000 grains. These systems are fully-assembled, skid mounted, with all wiring and tubing completed requiring minimum installation and start-up effort

Exchanger’s vessels are all-steel construction, rated at 75-100 psi, vinylester lined, with manholes, and flanged connections

Piping is Schedule 80 PVC, with solvent-welded joints, rigidly supported on a steel framework

Valves-plastic diaphragm type, pneumatically operated, with integral travel, stops for flow regulation

Internal distributions are Schedule 80 PVC of the hub and radial lateral design. The bottom and interface are designed for resin retention. The interface lateral is 316 stainless steel

Resins are high capacity, strong acid cation, regenerated with 6#HCl/cu.Ft., And type I porous strong-base anion, regenerated with 8# NaOH/cu.Ft

The Solid-State Control System is fully programmable with relay outputs coupled to individual air solenoids for pneumatic valve actuation, system also includes a continuous digital readout of steps in progress and time remaining, panel-mounted conductivity monitor/controller with provision for pushbutton automatic or fully automated operation

Included are stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges, sample valves, flow indicator on water inlet, backwash sight glass, and inlet pressure reducing

Available options

Automatic recirculation

Flow totalization

ASME code pressure vessels

NEMA-4 cabinet

Pumped regeneration system

Duplex system for continuous alternating unip operation

Operating and performance specifications

ModelFlow (GPM)Capacity (KG)Tank size (IN)PSICation resin (FT)Anion resin (FT)A x B x C (IN)Shipping Wt.
XM3-16969 - 194316x967523.289"x47"x124"1400 lbs
XM3-209620 - 326820x96753.2593"x47"x126"1700 lbs
XM3-249633 - 3710024x96754.57.597"x49"x128"2000 lbs
XM3-309648 - 7515830x961007.511.5107"x52"x131"3000 lbs
XM3-369676 - 9422436x9610010.516.5117"x52"x134"4000 lbs
XM3-429695 - 14030742x9610014.522.5129"x54"x137"5500 lbs
XM3-4896141 - 18840348x961001929.5141"x63"x141"7200 lbs
Mixed Bed Deionizer Kuwait

Efficient Mixed-Bed Deionizer System Supplied by Enviromatch in Kuwait

Ministry Of Industry and Minerals

Kent Gida Maddeleri Project

Tech. Contreras Nogales Sonora Softener

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.

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