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SoftMatch 100

The SoftMatch 100-Series water softener is an ideal solution for removing high levels of minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium, which create hard water conditions.

With this water softening system, you can eliminate the problems associated with hard water scale build-up on pipes, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers, and other household appliances.

The softener works by filtering the water supply through a resin-softening medium to remove hardness, and salt is used periodically to revitalize the system and provide soft water.

Enjoy the benefits of softer water with the SoftMatch 100-Series Water Softener.

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Softmatch 100

Standard features

The motorized piston control valve makes operation fully automatic

Optional meter regeneration

Safety brine valve prevents overflow during a power outage

Fiberglass, the seamless non-metallic mineral tank

High-capacity ion exchange resin

110V/1 Ph/60Hz

Valve dust cover

Brine air check

Rigid polyethylene brine tank with dust-tight cover

Time brine refill control provides ease in the selection of salt settings with a dial located on the main + control valve assembly

Available options

220V/1 ph/50Hz

3/4″ or 1″ Bypass or Yoke

24V Transformer

Grid plate

Mixing valve


Meter regeneration

Glossy black BT cover

Stainless steel jacket

Operating and performance specifications

For SoftMatch 100 (5600-3/4″) Pipe size

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM1-56F715S15000100008171.229"x18"x49"70 lbs
SM1-56F822S22000150009171.530"x18"x49"85 lbs
SM1-56F930S30000200009.517231"x18"x49"100 lbs
SM1-56F1050S50000330009.517232"x18"x69"140 lbs
SM1-56F1260S600004000010173.534"x18"x61"185 lbs
SM1-56F1375S75000500001117435"x18"x63"195 lbs
SM1-56F14100S100000660001217536"x18"x74"290 lbs

For SoftMatch 100 (5000-1″) Pipe size

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM1-50F715S15000100008181.229"x18"x50"75 lbs
SM1-50F822S22000150009181.530"x18"x50"90 lbs
SM1-50F930S30000200009.518231"x18"x50"105 lbs
SM1-50F1050S50000330009.518332"x18"x70"145 lbs
SM1-50F1260S60000400001018434"x18"x62"190 lbs
SM1-50F1375S75000500001118535"x18"x64"200 lbs
SM1-50F14100S100000660001218636"x18"x75"295 lbs
SM1-50F16120S120000800001418744"x24"x75"345 lbs
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