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SoftMatch 200

SoftMatch 200-Series water softener is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications where high levels of dissolved solids create complex water conditions, primarily consisting of Calcium and Magnesium.

With a greater commercial operating capacity, SoftMatch 200 system efficiently removes hardness from the water supply using a resin-softening medium. Regular salt revitalization ensures a continuous supply of soft water, eliminating scale buildup on pipes, water heaters, and other equipment.

Experience the benefits of clean, soft water with SoftMatch 200-Series water softener.

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Softmatch 200

Standard features

110V/1 Ph/60Hz

Time clock – 7 days (specify for a 12–day time clock)

Valve designer cover

Fiberglass, the seamless non-metallic mineral tank

All brass, motor-driven control valve with fully adjustable regeneration cycles

Self-adjusting backwash controller

Timed brine refill control

High exchange capacity polystyrene resin

Rigid polyethylene brine tank with dust-tight cover

Complete set of brine line poly tubing

Wooden polyethylene brine tank with safety brine valve and dust-tight cover

Available options

Single Tank

Meter control option
– All meters supplied with an extended range
– All meters supplied with delayed regeneration

220V/1 Ph/50Hz

No hard water bypass

Additional micro switch for electrical interlock

Twin Tank

System 5- interlock wiring
– All units in service at the same time. When one meter zeroes out, that unit starts regeneration

System 6- series wiring
– All units in service at the same time. The remote reset meter monitors the entire system’s

220V/1 Ph/50Hz

Additional micro switch for electrical interlock

Diaphragm valves & solenoid valves

Operating and performance specifications

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM2-25F01260600004000014193.541"x23"x60"210 lbs
SM2-27F01260600004000014243.541"x23"x60"210 lbs
SM2-28F01260600004000024373.541"x23"x60"210 lbs
SM2-29F01260600004000028493.541"x23"x65"210 lbs
SM2-25F0137575000500001318442"x23"x61"263 lbs
SM2-27F0137575000500001824442"x23"x61"263 lbs
SM2-28F0137575000500002940442"x23"x61"263 lbs
SM2-29F0137575000500003752442"x23"x67"263 lbs
SM2-25F0149090000600001520543"x23"x71"315 lbs
SM2-27F0149090000600001926543"x23"x71"315 lbs
SM2-28F0149090000600002740543"x23"x71"315 lbs
SM2-29F0149090000600003754543"x23"x77"315 lbs
SM2-27F16120120000800002027746"x25"x71"420 lbs
SM2-28F16120120000800003345746"x25"x71"420 lbs
SM2-29F16120120000800004764746"x25"x77"420 lbs
SM2-27F181501500001000002128948"x25"x74"525 lbs
SM2-28F181501500001000003749948"x25"x74"525 lbs
SM2-29F181501500001000005678948"x25"x79"525 lbs
SM2-27F2118018000012000021281251"x25"x74"630 lbs
SM2-28F2118018000012000040541251"x25"x74"630 lbs
SM2-29F2118018000012000063811251"x25"x79"630 lbs
SM2-27F2121021000014000020271251"x25"x76"525 lbs
SM2-28F2121021000014000039521251"x25"x76"525 lbs
SM2-29F2121021000014000060771251"x25"x82"525 lbs
SM2-28F2424024000016000042561554"x25"x81"480 lbs
SM2-29F2424024000016000074971554"x25"x86"480 lbs
SM2-39F242402400001600001071701554"x25"x92"480 lbs
SM2-28F2430030000020000040541554"x25"x81"450 lbs
SM2-29F2430030000020000068911554"x25"x86"450 lbs
SM2-39F243003000002000001201701554"x25"x92"450 lbs
SM2-28F3045045000030000044582567"x32"x87"675 lbs
SM2-29F30450450000300000841052567"x32"x93"675 lbs
SM2-39F304504500003000001582122567"x32"x96"675 lbs
SM2-31F36600600000400000781073584"x43"x93"900 lbs
SM2-39F366006000004000001852503584"x43"x98"900 lbs
SM2-31F42750750000500000861135090"x43"x95"1125 lbs
SM2-39F427507500005000001862465090"x43"x100"1125 lbs
SM2-31F42900900000600000841185096"x49"x95"1350 lbs
SM2-39F429009000006000002002685096"x49"x100"1350 lbs
SM2-31F48105010500007000008310950102"x49"x101"1575 lbs
SM2-39F481050105000070000016624050102"x49"x106"1575 lbs
SM2-31F48120012000008000008811670102"x49"x101"1800 lbs
SM2-39F481200120000080000021328070102"x49"x106"1800 lbs
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