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SoftMatch 300

Looking for a high-capacity water softener that doesn’t take up too much space? Check out the Softmatch 300-Series twin economizer water softener system.

Its two mineral tanks and brine tank provide continuous 24-hour soft water, and the unit automatically monitors water usage based on the set capacity dial. Plus, it only cleans itself when necessary. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

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Softmatch 300

Standard features

110V/1 Ph/60Hz

Time clock – 7 days (specify for a 12–day time clock)

Valve designer cover

Fiberglass, the seamless non-metallic mineral tank

All brass, motor-driven control valve with fully adjustable regeneration cycles

Self-adjusting backwash controller

Timed brine refill control

High exchange capacity polystyrene resin

Rigid polyethylene brine tank with dust-tight cover

Complete set of brine line poly tubing

Wooden polyethylene brine tank with safety brine valve and dust-tight cover

Available options

110V/1 Ph/60Hz

Valve dust dover

Brine air check

Choice of color

Self-Adjusting backwash controller requires no field adjustment regardless of water pressure

Twin tank alternating concept with meter initiation provides continuous Soft Water, 24-hours per day and regenerates only when needed, based on total gallon usage to save salt and water

Fiberglass, seamless non-metallic mineral tanks provide maximum corrosion resistance and ease of handling during installation

Timed brine refill control provides ease in the selection of salt settings with a dial located on the main control valve assembly

High-capacity polystyrene resin provides maximum hardness removal capacity and Salt efficiency

Rigid polyethylene brine tank with safety brine valve and dust tight cover, easy to handle, corrosion free with maximum salt storage capacity

All Brass, motor-driven control valve with fully Adjustable regeneration cycles eliminates the problem caused by fluctuating water pressures and flows simplified

Operating and performance specifications

For SoftMatch 300 (9000-3/4″) Pipe size

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM3-9F715150001050011151.531"x18"x50"120 lbs
SM3-9F822220001400012161.532"x19"x50"180 lbs
SM3-9F930300002000014182.433"x21"x58"195 lbs
SM3-9F104545000300001519334"x23"x64"250 lbs
SM3-9F1260600004000015203.436"x27"x62"320 lbs

For SoftMatch 300 (9000-1″) Pipe size

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM3-9F1260600004000016213.536"x27"x62"320 lbs
SM3-9F137575000500001621438"x31"x64"475 lbs
SM3-9F149090000600001722438"x31"x75"575 lbs
SM3-9F161501500001000001823746"x35"x75"725 lbs

For SoftMatch 300 (9000- 1 1/2″) Pipe size

ModelAt 15#/Cu.Ft.At 6#/Cu.Ft.Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Flow (GPM)Dimensions (LxWxH)Wt.
SM3-95F1045450003000016202.434"x23"x65"290 lbs
SM3-95F1260600004000028393.536"x27"x59"370 lbs
SM3-95F137575000500002839437"x29"x65"500 lbs
SM3-95F149090000600003141538"x31"x76"600 lbs
SM3-95F161501500001000003446746"x35"x76"750 lbs
SM3-95F2121021000014000039491254"x47"x71"1100 lbs
SM3-95F2430030000020000039491556"x51"x81"1500 lbs
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