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SoftMatch 500

SoftMatch 500-Series Softeners are efficient, fully automatic units designed for softening water in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These systems come with timer or meter control options, allowing for flexible regeneration scheduling. The timer model initiates regeneration at a predetermined time, while the meter model starts based on the total gallons used.

With SoftMatch 500-Series softeners, you can enjoy softened water without the hassle of manual regeneration.

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Softmatch 500

Standard features

Steel Mineral Tanks

The steel mineral tank is engineered for a 100 psi working pressure and is tested to 150 psi. It is equipped with a manhole in the top head and a handhole in the lower side shell as follows:

24″ – 30″ tanks: 4″x6″ top manhole & 4″x6″ handhole

36″ – 78″ tanks: 11″x15″ top manhole & 4″x6″ handhole

84″ tanks: two (2) 11″x15″ top manholes & 4″x6″ handhole

Valve Nest

Regeneration of SoftMatch 500 softeners is controlled by a brass pilot stager (NEMA 1). This stager sends hydraulic or pneumatic signals to the factory-assembled nest of diaphragm and/or butterfly valves connected by such. 80 PVC face piping. These valves open and close slowly to prevent hydraulic shock. The valve nest contains a self-adjusting backwash flow control and an ejector for brine draw. Diaphragm valves are available in 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″ & 2-1/2″ line size models and butterflies are available in 3″, 4″ & 6″ lines.

Epoxy Lining

The interior of the tank is coated with epoxy for protection against rust and corrosion. The exterior has a rust-inhibiting primer coat.


A premium-grade sulfonated nonphenolic polystyrene-type resin is contained in the mineral tank. The resin will deliver 30,000 grains per cubic foot when brined at a rate of 15 lbs. Per cubic foot.

Regeneration Controller

The automatic regeneration controller features a choice of 7 or 12-day calendar wheels. The time of regeneration and length of time for each regeneration cycle is fully adjustable.

Brine Tank

The brine tank is a combination of high-density polyethylene brine measuring tank and a brine valve including an air eliminator valve and a safety brine refill shut-off to prevent tank overflow.


The underdrain utilizes either a hub & lateral or header & lateral system to support the mineral bed to prevent resin loss and insure minimal pressure drop at peak flow rates.

Available options

Motorized valves with PLC controller

Fiberglass tanks rated @150 psi

316 Stainless steel, FRP, or galvanized face piping

Meter initiated regeneration

Twin alternating tanks

Carbon steel or stainless steel tanks up to 120″ dia

ASME-coded & stamped tank

Flanged piping connection

NEMA 4 or NEMA 4 X enclosures

Custom designed units

Operating and performance specifications

ModelGrains @15#/Cu.Ft.Resin (Cu.Ft.)Conti. (GPM)Peak (GPM)Backwash (GPM)Salt storage
SM5-24-240-1.52400008648615600 lbs
SM5-24-240-224000088011015600 lbs
SM5-24-240-2.5240000811516015600 lbs
SM5-30-390-1.5390000136892201000 lbs
SM5-30-390-23900001392125201000 lbs
SM5-30-390-2.539000013140190201000 lbs
SM5-30-390-339000013165230201000 lbs
SM5-36-540-1.5540000187294301700 lbs
SM5-36-540-254000018110125301700 lbs
SM5-36-540-2.554000018140190301700 lbs
SM5-36-540-354000018175250301700 lbs
SM5-42-750-275000025112133451900 lbs
SM5-42-750-2.575000025150218451900 lbs
SM5-42-750-375000025188279451900 lbs
SM5-48-990-299000033112133602600 lbs
SM5-48-990-2.599000033160220602600 lbs
SM5-48-990-399000033215300602600 lbs
SM5-48-990-499000033310410602600 lbs
SM5-54-1260-2126000042112133803300 lbs
SM5-54-1260-2.5126000042165191803300 lbs
SM5-54-1260-3126000042225308803300 lbs
SM5-54-1260-4126000042405600803300 lbs
SM5-54-1560-21560000521121331004000 lbs
SM5-54-1560-2.51560000521681931004000 lbs
SM5-54-1560-31560000522353251004000 lbs
SM5-54-1560-41560000524456501004000 lbs
SM5-66-1890-2.51890000631751991205800 lbs
SM5-66-1890-31890000632453401205800 lbs
SM5-66-1890-41890000634806901205800 lbs
SM5-66-1890-61890000636509401205800 lbs
SM5-72-2250-32250000752253551406000 lbs
SM5-72-2250-42250000755007201406000 lbs
SM5-72-2250-622500007570010501406000 lbs
SM5-78-2640-32640000882603601656000 lbs
SM5-78-2640-42640000885207481656000 lbs
SM5-78-2640-626400008875011001656000 lbs
SM5-84-3000-330000001002653651907500 lbs
SM5-84-3000-430000001005407601907500 lbs
SM5-84-3000-4300000010078011301907500 lbs
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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems (BWRO)

Hilton Resort

Ministry of Defense

Hawaiian Commercial Co.

Arab Potash Co.

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