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PureMatch 100

Introducing the revolutionary PureMatch 100-Series reverse osmosis drinking water system – a compact and highly efficient solution for under-the-sink drinking water needs.

With a cutting-edge design and advanced technology, this system simplifies installation and eliminates common issues. Its simple inlet, product water, and drain connections make setup a breeze. Enjoy pure and refreshing drinking water without the hassle, thanks to the PureMatch 100-Series Brackish Water RO Drinking Water System.

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Purematch 100

Standard features

25, 35, 50, 75, and 100 gallons per day output

95% average salt rejection

5 micron sediment pre-filter

Pre and post-carbon filter

Easy installation and compact design

Attractive long-reach faucet

3.2 gallon metallic storage tank

Drain saddle valve

Water-saving auto shut-off valve

Flow restrictor and steel check valve

Replaceable deluxe TFC spiral wound membrane

FDA approved polypropylene made flat cap housing

100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation

Available options

RO unit with UV sterilizer (PM1-25/U, PM1-100/U)

RO unit with Booster Pump (PM1-25/P, PM1-100/P)

RO unit with UV and Booster Pump (PM1-25/P/U, PM1-100/P/U)

Operating and performance specifications

ModelT.D.ST.D.S (Max)TempWater PressurepHProductionApprox Wt. (Lbs)
PM-1-2595%2,000 ppm41-104 °F40-125 psi4-1025x5 GPD37 lbs
PM-1-3595%2,000 ppm41-104 °F40-125 psi4-1035x5 GPD37 lbs
PM-1-5095%2,000 ppm41-104 °F40-125 psi4-1050x5 GPD37 lbs
PM-1-7595%2,000 ppm41-104 °F40-125 psi4-1075x5 GPD37 lbs
PM-1-10095%2,000 ppm41-104 °F40-125 psi4-10100x5 GPD37 lbs

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