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BioMatch MBR

BioMatch MBR is a cutting-edge wastewater treatment system from Enviromatch Inc. that provides a capacity range starting from 125 and up to 500 m3/d (depending on the effluent requirements).

This innovative unit is the core treatment part of an integrated Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), utilizing advanced membrane technology to efficiently remove contaminants and impurities from wastewater. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, BioMatch MBR offers sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions.

Trust Enviromatch Inc. to provide your facility with the best-in-class wastewater treatment solutions.

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BioMatch MBR

Standard features

Two (1 duty/ 1 standby) regenerative air blowers, complete with swing check valve, inlet filter/ silencer & safety valve

One electrical oil-free air compressor with a storage tank

Two (1 duty/ 1 standby) Chlorine dosing pumps

Two (1 duty/ 1 standby) self-priming pumps

One control panel, All equipment wiring terminated to the control panel

Overhead lighting

Epoxy-coated steel supports

Galvanized steel and PVC interconnecting piping


Siemens PLC-based control panel

Power supply: 460V / 3ph / 60Hz

Programmable time delays and set points

Weintek HMI colored touchscreen

VFD pump and blower motor control

Status indication lamps and switches

IP54 enclosure with disconnect and Interlocking rotary handle

120V/60Hz control voltage


Air Compressor pressure switch

Air Compressor pressure gauges, 2 ½” dial size

Air Blower pressure gauges, 2 ½” dial size

Permeate water Paddlewheel Flowmeter

Diaphragm differential pressure sensor


Galvanized steel aeration piping

PVC low-pressure piping

Pneumatically actuated C.I. butterfly valves

Available options

380-415V/3 Ph/50Hz power supply, 220V control panel

230V/3 Ph/60Hz power supply

Equalization tank level float switches

Equalizing pump(s) motor starter with overload relay

Equalization tank Ultrasonic level transmitter

Feed pH controller/sensor

Feed ORP controller/sensor

Feed TDS / conductivity sensor

Custom designed units

Operating and performance specifications

ModelMax flow (GPD)Max flow (M3/D)BOD (mg/L)T-N (mg/L)T-P (mg/L)TSS (mg/L)Dimensions (LxWxH) in (mm)
BMM-013300012530045153506060 x 2400 x 2900
BMM-0266000250300451535012200 x 2400 x 2900
BMM-04132000500300451535012200 x 2400 x 2900
Waste Water Applications

Tertiary Sand Filters – Advanced Wastewater Treatment in Qatar

Ministry of Defense

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Middle East Can Company Recycle Project

Dammam Paper Mill Recycle Plant

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