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BioMatch T-MBBR

Looking for an effective biological wastewater treatment technology? Look no further than the patented BioMatch T-MBBR moving bed bioreactor (T-MBBR) technology. This innovative technology uses nearly 100% attached growth biofilm to maintain a high concentration of biofilm within the structure of biomass carriers that are kept in motion in very low attrition surroundings inside a super aerated chamber.

With stable biofilm, BioMatch T-MBBR accelerates the breakdown of organics, which reduces the wastewater retention time, increases tolerance to process upsets, and allows a high nutrient reduction capability.

Choose T-MBBR for a proven and effective biological wastewater treatment solution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce outstanding results.

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BioMatch T-MBBR Waste Water Treatment System

BioMatch advantages over conventional treatment

The Containerized BioMatch modules offer an innovative solution for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment. With standard 20ft or 40ft ISO shipping containers, these Modules are ‘Plug & Play’ Plants that can be delivered quickly, saving construction time. With capacities of 50 to 1200 m3/day, they are a compact and cost-effective alternative to traditional wastewater treatment plants. The efficient T-MBBR treatment technology ensures high BOD, COD, TSS, and nutrient reductions, meeting local discharge regulations.

The treated water can be safely used for irrigation or recycled for other uses, making it an eco-friendly option. The BioMatch system is simple to operate, requiring no special training, and is the most superior yet easy-to-operate biological wastewater treatment system available today. Choose the Containerized BioMatch Modules for reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment.

50% less footprint/ retention time

30% less power consumption

80% less sludge volume

35% lower operation and maintenance cost

Easy upgrades to the existing system

Superior ammonia removal and far better odor control

Consistent BOD, TSS, nitrates, and phosphorous reductions that meet the most stringent discharge regulations

No cleaning program or cleaning chemicals are required like MBR

No special operator training is required or expensive components to replace

Suitable for municipalities, remote communities, resorts, and labor camps

Proven to address tough wastewater treatment applications at slaughterhouses and food & beverage processing plants

Standard features (Containerized System Components)

Anoxic Chamber with 4” inlet and drain connections

Aeration and reactor chambers

Set of PVC drop-down aeration piping and diffuser assemblies

Set of Fine bubble membrane diffusers

Set of Airlift hood

Set of SS304 wedge wire top & bottom isolation screens

Integrated clarifier, with settling media

Set of bottom air scouring assembly

Set of airlift assembly & set of weirs

Surface skimmer

Set of drain connections

Integrated up-flow automatic media filter

Set of pneumatically actuated butterfly valves

Chlorine contact tank with inlet and outlet connections

Set of Isolation valves for air pipes

Set of PVC water piping

Set of galvanized steel air piping

Set of 304 stainless steel bolts/nuts and fastening hardware

FRP handrail & FRP ladder & FRP grating walkway

Integrated equipment room

Set of PVC piping for automatic drain, automatic air scouring, and automatic diversion to the chlorine contact tank

Available options

380-415V/3 Ph/50Hz power supply, 220V control panel

Static screen with trash hopper

Self-cleaning, rotary drum screen

Equalization tank level control

Equalizing pump(s) with motor controls

VFD blower motor control

Feed pH controller/sensor

Feed ORP controller/sensor

Feed TDS / conductivity sensor

Custom designed units

Operating and performance specifications

ModelNo. of modulesMax (GPD)Max (M3/D)Eq. Pop.BlowerAbsorbed powerSpace needed (ft.)
BMT-0050113200502503 hp2.2 kw30L x 18W x 18H
BMT-020015280020010005.5 hp3.7 kw50L x 18W x 18H
BMT-04002105600400200010 hp7.5 kw50L x 35W x 18H
BMT-05002132000500250017 hp13 kw50L x 35W x 18H
BMT-10003264000100050002x17 hp26 kw50L x 55W x 18H
BMT-15004396000150075003x17 hp39 kw50L x 70W x 18H
BMT-200065280002000100004x17 hp52 kw50L x 85W x 18H
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Bioshaft Containerized System T-MBBR Series 200 m3/day

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