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PureMatch 400

Looking for a reliable and efficient brackish water RO system for your commercial or industrial application? Look no further than the PureMatch 400-Series.

With capacities ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 GPD, these standard units are perfect for a wide range of applications. Plus, with the option of containerized units, double pass design, or custom-built systems, we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific project needs.

Trust in the high-quality filtration technology of PureMatch for all your brackish water treatment needs.

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Purematch 400

Standard features

Status & alarm lights

TFC spiral wound membrane

FRP membrane housing

Stainless steel multi-stage pump

5 Micron sediment pre-filter

Powder-coated steel frame

Digital conductivity monitor

Stainless steel inlet motorized valve

Product & concentrate flow meters

Stainless steel low/high-pressure switch

NEMA 12 enclosure

Pretreatment lockout

Stainless steel throttling valves

Stainless steel inlet solenoid valve

High-pressure nylon tubing

Liquid-tight wire shrouding

Microprocessor-based control panel

208/230V/1Ph/60Hz power supply

Stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauge

Programmable set points and time delays

Available options

PLC controller

Pre-filter pressure gauges

Recycle flow meter

Stainless steel frame

Disassembled unit kit

Stainless steel membrane housing

pH & ORP digital display

Tank full-level switch

Stainless steel high-pressure switch

Custom designed unit

Automatic flushing

Medial filter pretreatment

Carbon filter pretreatment

Softener pretreatment

Mixed bed DI polisher

High-pressure nylon tubing

Export wood crating

220V/1 Ph/50Hz power supply

Containerized system- 20ft/ 40ft shipping container

Stainless steel Kit (Incl. Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Pressure Gauge & Switch)

Operating and performance specifications

ModelCapacity (GPD)Capacity (M3/D)Qty of 4" Membrane50Hz Pump60Hz PumpDimensions (L" x W" x H")Approx Wt. (Lbs)
PM4-120001200045.54 x 23 hp3 hp92"x26"x48"720 lbs
PM4-150001500056.85 x 23 hp3 hp92"x26"x48"840 lbs
PM4-180001800068.24 x 35 hp5 hp132"x26"x56"875 lbs
PM4-210002250079.55 x 35 hp5 hp132"x26"x56"910 lbs
PM4-240002400090.94 x 47.5 hp5 hp162"x34"x63"960 lbs
PM4-2700027000102.36 x 37.5 hp5 hp132"x34"x70"1000 lbs
PM4-3000030000113.65 x 47.5 hp7.5 hp162"x34"x70"1035 lbs
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