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PureMatch 700

Introducing the PureMatch 700-Series brackish water RO systems with exceptional capacities ranging from 28,800 to 172,800 GPD, catering to your industrial water treatment needs.

Our standard units are designed to meet your exact requirements and can be customized as per your project specifications.

These RO systems can also be offered as containerized units or double-pass designs for added convenience. Count on the advanced technology and superior quality of PureMatch 700 to provide you with purified and clean water.

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PureMatch 700 Series

Standard features

Main items

TFC spiral wound membranes, 8″ Dia x 40″ Long

FRP membrane housing

Stainless steel multi-stage pump with TEFC motor

5-micron cartridge prefilter

Powder-coated steel frame


Inlet motorized PVC valve

Stainless steel throttling valves

PVC isolation/sample valves


Power supply: 460 / 3ph / 60Hz

PLC-based control panel

Programmable time delay and set points

Status amber / green lamps / alarms red lamps

NEMA 12 enclosure

110v / 60Hz control voltage

Motor starter with overload relays


Low & high-pressure switch

Liquid-filled pressure gauges, 2″ dial size, panel mount for pump suction, membrane feed, inter-stage, and final concentrate pressures

Permeate TDS/conductivity (Temp. compensated) monitor panel mounted with programmable set points for high alarms

Permeate & concentrate flow monitors

Available options

380-415V/3 Ph /50Hz power supply, 220V/3 Ph/60Hz control panel

230/3Ph/60Hz power supply

Product tank level controller switch (low & high)

Feed pH controller and sensor

Feed ORP controller and sensor

Feed TDS/conductivity sensor with % rejection

Media filter pretreatment

Feed/permeate blending

Media filter pretreatment

Carbon filter pretreatment

Chemical dosing system

Mixed bed DI polisher

Membrane cleaning unit

Custom designed units

Containerized system – 20ft/ 40ft shipping container

Operating and performance specifications

ModelMax (GPD)Max (M3/D)8" (Array)8" (Qty)50Hz Pump60Hz PumpDimensions (L"xW"xH")Shipping Wt. (Lbs)
PM7-1480288001091410 hp10 hp160"x33"x58"2300 lbs
PM7-1580360001361510 hp10 hp211"x33"x58"2350 lbs
PM7-1680432001641610 hp10 hp236"x36"x58"2400 lbs
PM7-2480576002181:1815 hp15 hp160"x36"x58"2500 lbs
PM7-2580720002731:11020 hp20 hp216"x36"x58"2600 lbs
PM7-3480864003272:11225 hp20 hp160"x48"x66"2700 lbs
PM7-35801080004092:11525 hp25 hp216"x48"x66"3200 lbs
PM7-36801296004912:11825 hp30 hp236"x62"x66"3500 lbs
PM7-45801440005452:22030 hp30 hp236"x62"x66"4200 lbs
PM7-46801728006543:12440 hp30 hp236"x62"x66"4800 lbs
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