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FreshMatch 800

Designed to provide high-quality desalinated water for commercial, industrial, and marine applications. With capacities ranging from 13,200 to 554,400 GPD, these standard units are a reliable solution for large-scale water desalination projects.

The system utilizes the reverse osmosis process, which effectively removes dissolved solids, salts, and impurities from seawater, resulting in clean, fresh water.

The FreshMatch 800-Series RO Systems can also be customized to meet specific project requirements, and are available as containerized units or with double-pass designs. Trust FreshMatch 800 for reliable and efficient seawater RO systems.

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FreshMatch-800 Series SWRO Systems

Standard features

High-rejection membrane elements

FRP membrane housing

Duplex stainless steel high-pressure pump

5 micron corrosion-resistant cartridge pre-filter

Powder-coated steel frame

Duplex stainless steel energy recovery unit

Automatic flushing/freshwater displacement

Microprocessor/PLC-based control panel

120V/60Hz control voltage

Low-pressure switch

High-pressure switch

Permeate & concentrate flow monitors/sensors

PVC low-pressure piping

NEMA 12 enclosure

Programmable time delay and set points

Product sample valves

Stainless steel high-pressure piping

Stainless steel reject throttling valve

Automatic feed shut-off valve

Prefilter pressure gauge

Permeate TDS / conductivity monitor panel mounted with programmable set points for high alarms

Motor starter with overload relay enclosure with disconnect and an interlocking rotary handle

Liquid-filled pressure gauges, 21/2″ / 41/2″ dial size, panel mount for pump suction, membrane feed, and final concentrate pressures

Available options

230V/3 Ph/60Hz power supply

Feed pH controller/sensor

Feed ORP controller/sensor

Membrane cleaning unit

Product tank level controller switch (low & high)

Custom designed units

Feed TDS / conductivity sensor with % rejection

Containerized system- 20ft/ 40ft shipping container

380-415V/3 Ph/50Hz power supply, 220V control panel

Operating and performance specifications

ModelMax (GPD)Max (M3/D)Membrane (Array)Memb. (Qty)50Hz Pump60Hz PumpDimensions (L"xW"xH")Shipping Wt. (Lbs)
FM8-138413200501315 hp20 hp160"x48"x70"2750 lbs
FM8-148417600671425 hp25 hp200"x48"x70"2850 lbs
FM8-158422000831530 hp30 hp240"x48"x70"3000 lbs
FM8-2384264001002630 hp30 hp160"x48"x70"3250 lbs
FM8-2484352001332230 hp30 hp200"x60"x70"4000 lbs
FM8-25844400016721040 hp40 hp240"x60"x70"4500 lbs
FM8-26845280020021250 hp50 hp280"x60"x70"5000 lbs
FM8-35846600025031560 hp60 hp240"x60"x80"5750 lbs
FM8-36847920030031875 hp75 hp280"x60"x80"6000 lbs
FM8-378492400350321100 hp100 hp320"x60"x80"6300 lbs
FM8-4684105600400424100 hp100 hp280"x60"x80"7000 lbs
FM8-4784123200466428125 hp125 hp320"x60"x80"7500 lbs
FM8-5784154000583535150 hp150 hp320"x60"x80"9000 lbs
FM8-6784184800699642175 hp175 hp320"x60"x90"10000 lbs
FM8-8684211200799848175 hp175 hp280"x72"x70"11500 lbs
FM8-8784246400933856200 hp200 hp320"x72"x70"12000 lbs
FM8-106842640009991060250 hp250 hp280"x72"x80"14000 lbs
FM8-1078430800011661070250 hp250 hp320"x72"x80"15000 lbs
FM8-1278436960013991284300 hp300 hp320"x72"x90"17000 lbs
FM8-1568439600014991590350 hp350 hp280"x82"x80"20000 lbs
FM8-15784462000174915105400 hp400 hp320"x82"x80"21000 lbs
FM8-18784554400209818126450 hp450 hp320"x82"x90"23500 lbs
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